The Hacienda Foundation of St. Louis recently joined forces with the Westborough Country Club for a noble cause: to donate a record-breaking amount of canned and dry goods to the St. Louis Area Foodbank!

During this year’s donation competition at the Westborough Country Club, we decided to jump on board and match the country club’s donations. The total: an astounding 4,352 canned goods, all of which went straight to The St. Louis Area Foodbank! According to the Westborough Country Club, this is the largest donation they’ve given through this contest.

“This is our fourth year that we’ve held this contest, and we are astounded with The Hacienda Foundation of St. Louis’s contribution, which is the largest we’ve had by far,” said Ellen Douglass, Membership Communications and Activities Manager at the Westborough Country Club. “This donation will provide more than 1,500 meals to those in need here in our own community. It is because of members like the Rodriguez family that we are able to have such a success with this program.”

The items given consisted of a wide variety of non-perishable items, including both edible and non-consumable foods such as toothpaste and baby products.

“Giving to the St. Louis Foodbank is so important because it’s such a small thing that we can do – donate a few cans of food. But those cans of food make such a big difference to those in need. With a few dollars spent, we can provide a whole meal to an individual or family who really needs it,” Douglass said.

We want to thank the Westborough Country Club for putting this program together for such great cause. We really love getting involved with programs that directly impact our great city, and we want to keep making more of a difference in the future!